Fundraising Opportunities

We understand that the money you have is always less than the money you need. Sometimes you need money for the essentials and sometimes you want money for the extras that make teachers, staff, and students feel cherished. Regardless of how you want to use extra money, know that we can help you make it.

Creative Commission Structure Program: Our Creative Commission Structure Program allows your school to either earn cash back on all photos sold or double the value in a product that you can sell to your families to earn even more:

  • Fun Pack
  • Custom Phone Cases
  • Project Books
  • Recipe Books
  • Art Books
  • Writing Compendiums
  • Calendars
  • Book Covers
  • And, more!

Other Ways We Can Help Schools Make Money

Cre8 It! Creativity on Display

Enables students to put their creative work on novelty items that are perfect to keep or to give as gifts and your school to enjoy 20% of the sales.

Creative Collages

Creative Collages are the creative way to display and preserve families’ memories. Your school can earn $10 per collage sold.